History of Metro late-season additions (Part 2)
September 6, 2007

2003: Andrzej Juskowiak. Metro was playing well, and needed someone to push them over the top. Juskowiak was supposed to be that player, but sadly, didn't deliver. He did help Metro into the Open Cup final, but that ended in disappointment, and his play in the regular season and playoffs was far from what was desired. Eight games, one goal, gone after the year. Failure.

2004: Well, look at that. No signings. Don't worry, our favorite failure is coming up soon.

2005: Daniel Garipe. "The Ripper"! We'll let Alexi Lalas' quotes speak for themselves. "He's a no-nonsense player who's shown he has no problem getting down and dirty for the cause." "We feel The Ripper can provide some bite and stability in our midfield." And then, after he failed to get on the field, "Don't bag on The Ripper, I think he'll surprise you." If by "surprise", Alexi meant "complete and utter disappointment", he was right. Garipe never saw a first-team match, but did get a red card in a reserve game. Although we are kinda sad that he will never be part of Metro's all-time player roster, if only for inclusion on our "Ten Worst" lists. Clear, obvious, Failure.

2006: Dema Kovalenko. Hey, what do you know! Maybe the streak is reversed? Officially a trade with DC, it was more of a signing, for Dema spent the previous year with Metalurh Zaporizhya in Ukraine. 14 games, in which he played all but one minute, no goals, but a lot of bite and tenacity that was so required. Then, a great start to 2007, and we currently can't wait for him to recover from his injury. Finally, after nine years of failures, Success. But in Metro land, no success could stand alone. So let's not forget Marcus Schopp, the loaner from Salzburg whose lone contributions on the field have been flopping and diving. Seven games, no goals, no assists in 2006; he's still on the team in 2007, but can't even make the bench. Failure.

2007: Francis Doe. Too early to tell. He seems to have the skills, if not the brain. But to rate "Grandpa" after just 46 minutes? Incomplete.

So there you go, two successes, ten failures, and one incomplete. Hey, aren't we hearing that Metro is interested in Francesco Coco?

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