Ten Worst: Metro trades (update)
September 10, 2009

It's been three years since we last looked at the ten worst trades in Metro history. Now, with the passing of the Bruce Arena and Juan Carlos Osorio regimes, an update has to be made. For descriptions of the initial top ten, see the original article, parts one and two.

  • 10) Khano Smith from Seattle for an allocation, 2009
    Seattle dangled Smith after acquiring him in the expansion draft, waiting for someone to bite. Osorio and Jeff Agoos did, giving up an allocation (rumored to be around 100K) for the useless winger, who went on to the title of the worst player on one of the worst teams in league history, lasting all of nine games with Metro.

  • 9) Peter Vermes to Colorado for Kerry Zavagnin, 1997

  • 8) Marvell Wynne to Toronto for a 2nd round pick and a partial allocation, 2007
    Arena might have preferred Hunter Freeman to Wynne, but what Metro received was way too little for the top overall pick from a year ago. Wynne would blossom in Toronto, making the US national team. Freeman regressed in 2008, and ended up in... Toronto, before going to Europe. The 2nd round pick was used on Erik Brunner, who Osorio deemed to be not worthy of his squad -- twice, and then dumped him to Columbus for a pittance.

  • 7) Ante Razov to Chivas USA for Thiago Martins and a partial allocation, 2006

  • 6) Eddie Gaven and Chris Leitch to Columbus for Edson Buddle, 2006

  • 5) Mark Chung to Colorado with 2nd and 3rd round picks for a 1st round allocation pick (Diego Serna), 2002

  • 4) Roy Myers to Los Angeles for Welton; Eric Wynalda from San Jose for future considerations; Arley Palacios, Welton, Wynalda to Miami for allocation (Lothar Matthaus), 1999

  • 3) Dave van den Bergh to Dallas for Dominic Oduro, a 2nd round pick, and a swap of 1st round picks, 2009
    When we made the ten best trades list a year and a half ago, we named the acquisition of van den Bergh the third best trade in team history. After his 2008, it will rocket to #1 once the list is re-made. Sadly, Osorio and Agoos decided to dump the Walking Dutchman... for Dominic Oduro, who lasted all of five games in a New York uniform. The swap of 1st round picks did produce Jeremy Hall -- not enough to offset the idiocy of the deal, as the 2nd rounder was used on Babajide Ogunbiyi, who chose a fruitless trial in Europe over signing with RBNY.

  • 2) Matthew Olson, 1st round (1st overall) supplemental pick (Nicola Caricola), 2nd round supplemental pick (Juninho), 3rd round supplemental pick (Tulio), 2nd round college pick (Scott Lamphear) from DC United for a 1st round (2nd overall) college pick (Eddie Pope), 1st round supplemental pick (Mario Gori), 1996

  • 1) Giovanni Savarese to New England for Raul Diaz Arce; Diaz Arce and Marcelo Vega to San Jose for allocation and future considerations, 1999

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