Media Day with Ross Paule
March 19, 2002

MF: Ross, thanks for coming back to the team. What about this Chile and Holland thing?
Ross Paule: It was really good. Both things didn't work out, for one reason or the other. But in the end, this is the best place for me and my family to be. It worked out for the best, I am really happy to be back in New York.

MF: What did you think about the league not taking your option and giving you less money?
RP: It's frustrating, very frustrating. It actually worked out for the best, I signed a new deal, it worked out to be close to the same exact money, just in a different way. It's frustrating when they do that to you, but I looked at other options, I know there are other options out there, if things were different with Colo Colo, them being bankrupt, I think I would have stayed down there, but for my family it makes sense for me to come back to New York. To me personally, to be back in New York, I am happy, because if I have a great year here, a lot of things can come out of that. So I am happy to be back here, especially with the way the team is, this team is very talented, there are people on the bench who are unbelievable players, so it's great for us to have people on the bench pushing people in the starting lineup, it's only good for the team.

MF: You and Tab, it's really the same position.
RP: I don't know, hopefully they find a way for both of us to play there.

MF: What if they don't?
RP: If they don't, I don't know who will be up there, it's up to the coach. All you can do, is when you get your opportunity, take advantage out of it, and not let that decision go. That's all you can do. Tab is an unbelievable player, I don't know how you can keep him on the bench. Everyone knows what he can do. He is a very dangerous player and there is not much else you can say. He needs to be on the field, I believe.

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