Marquez vs San Jose, 2012
Ten Worst: Rafa Marquez moments
December 13, 2012

Ding Dong! The witch is dead. Which old witch? The Wicked Witch!

What's this, you are saying? Rafa Marquez actually contributed something positive to this team? Really? Oh, sure, there was a nice pass here and there, and he did score a goal! But... let's just say that picking the ten worst moments in Rafa's Metro history was pretty damn difficult. We could have easily gone up to 20.

  • 10) March 25, 2012: New York 4, Colorado 1
    With Metro comfortably up 3:0, Rafa decides to walk into traffic, gets stripped, and Colorado responds.

  • 9) April 2, 2011: New York 1, Houston 1
    Metro is up 1:0, but a ball is headed over Rafa. He just watches it pass, as a Houston attacker runs onto it and evens the game.

  • 8) August 14, 2010: New York 0, Los Angeles 1
    On his home debut, in front of a sellout crowd, the lone goal of the match comes off a Rafa turnover in midfield.

  • 7) April 14, 2012: New York 2, San Jose 2
    For some reason, Rafa picks the feeble Shea Salinas as his target, slamming him down on corner kicks a number of times, and breaking his collarbone. Rafa's reward is a three-game suspension.

  • 6) July 15, 2012: New York 2, Seattle 2
    How bad is Rafa? "Clever" Hans Backe takes him out 21 minutes into the game, after he is repeatedly beaten like a rented mule by the Seattle offense.

  • 5) October 1, 2011: Toronto 1, New York 1
    In his first game after bashing his teammates (see below), Rafa loses the ball in midfield after making a casual pass. Toronto goes the other way, with Rafa slowly jogging behind. Toronto opens the scoring.

  • 4) November 4, 2010: New York 1, San Jose 3
    In the first of playoff failures, Marquez allows Bobby Convey to run past him to score the opener six minutes in. The rest of the game isn't much better.

  • 3) October 30, 2011: New York 0, Los Angeles 1
    With the playoff game over, Rafa throws the ball at Landon Donovan, then headbutts an LA player in the ensuing fracas. Then, he falls down, faking an injury. Rafa gets a three-game suspension.

  • 2) September 21, 2011: New York 1, Salt Lake 3
    "I think this is a team game and unfortunately there isn't an equal level between my teammates and I. I'm actually focusing on my game... I'm focusing on performing at my highest performance, at the highest level. That doesn't mean the whole back line can perform at the same level, that's the problem."

  • 1) November 8, 2012: New York 0, DC United 1
    Up a man, 20 minutes left, Rafa gets a needless, pointless, idiotic red card that dooms yet another Metro season. Thanks for everything, Rafa!
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