Media Day with Sean Davis
February 27, 2018

MetroFanatic: Sean, is this a make a break it year for you?
Sean Davis: You know first time I'm hearing that from someone...

MF: I didn't come up with this, not my idea, I was told by another reporter!
SD: (laughs) No, all the questions are fair. I feel you know really established at this club and I have a really good feeling being here, and I've gotten great feedback from the coaches of the past two seasons, so I'm just looking to build on. The past three years that I've played here, and you know I'm proud of the growth that I've had each and every year. I'm just looking to build on that, and am really excited for this group and the roster that they've built.

MF: You grew up as a fan of this team, and that picture of your mom and you in a weird yellow Metro jersey... You are a one-club man
SD: I try not to take that for granted, it's an amazing feeling to play for this club. The club is ran really well here and they have the right values, and I'm really proud to be a part of it. The most important thing for me is, like I said, not take it for granted and show every single day and work hard and try to do everything I can to push this thing forward and do my job.

MF: Last couple of seasons, you scored a few scorchers, and you had a great shot that just missed the net last week.
SD: It's just something that I work on a lot with Chris Armas, one of the assistant coaches, and he's a great mentor for me, he's had so much success in the league.

MF: He never really scored from the outside.
SD: I know, but his technique is is unbelievable. The way that he understands the game and how you want to strike a different ball, or the composure that you need. He's very hands on with us and he helps us a lot and so I'm really thankful for that. Every year I want to score more and more, and that's something that growing up I didn't do a lot of, but it's something I'm always trying to add to my game. There's the technical side of it and there's also a mental side of it, so I'm continuing to work on that.

MF: If you had a choice, would or you want to spend your entire career here?
SD: Yeah,right now I'm really happy here, and I'm really, like I said earlier, I'm really proud of this club and what they stand for. So that's a great feeling. I'm taking it year by year, of course, and at the end of the day I need to do what's best for my career and so far this has been an amazing start for me. I've grown so much and I'm so thankful for that and I just want to continue to make the most of that every single day.

MF: So just don't become captain...
SD: (laughs) No, actually, regardless of what's gone on, Luis was made captain and I think he fully deserved it. Even while I've been here, there have been amazing captains, Dax, Sacha, I've learned so much for them for on and off the field and it would be a dream to be a captain here one day, regardless of the public perception. That's that would be a dream come true.

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