Media Day with Marc Rzatkowski
February 27, 2018

MetroFanatic: Marc so I want to talk about your start in Germany with St Pauli.
Marc Rzatkowski: Yes.

MF: That team is known for out the world for its exuberant exuberance of a culture.
MR: It's a big club, also they are playing in the second division, but, yes, it was an honor to play for them for three years and they have a big big support from the fans also in in America, all the world. They have a lot of fan clubs also. I think I get some messages online on social media that they invite me to a fan club here to watch a game together, so I think it will do this.

MF: Then you switched to Red Bull in Salzburg, which is a corporate club, so it's very different from St Pauli...
MR: Yeah, it's a different style of playing, for sure, but also with the with the support... It doesn't matter how many fans you have in the stadium, you also have a lot of support in Salzburg, but it was also really special. I like to play for for everyone, not only St Pauli fans, but also Salburg fans, so now I'm excited to play for New York fans.

MF: And New Jersey!
MR: (laugh) And New Jersey.

MF: You were not playing much at Salzburg. How did they come to you and say, do you want to play in New York? Did they give you a choice?
MR: It's my life, it's my choice...

MF: In this league, it's not always your choice...
MR: But the for sure, I wanted to come here and I want to help the team and would give my best and try to improve my English.

MF: Your English is very good.
MR: I have to learn a lot more so that I can express myself, but, I will try to improve it to help the team and to have a lot of successful moments.

MF: You might be the first player in league history to wear #90.
MR: It's my birth year. Normally, I had number eleven, but Carlos had it here now, so for me it was no problem and there were a lot of numbers. Sean, our kit man was thinking this number is good for me, so I say yeah let's do this.

MF: Where do you see yourself a year from now, it's a year loan you got here? What's ideal for you?
MR: So far I cannot say what's in the future, but for me now I want to give my best. I want to play a really really good season with the team and have a lot of the successful moments. Enjoy a lot, to be in the new team. The team spirit is a very nice and they show it to play here so I'm only looking forward to improve myself from day to day.

MF: Last question, can you please say your name?
MR: (laughs) It's difficult.

MF: No!
MR: You pronounce it!

MF: Shatkovski.
MR: That's really good.

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