Media Day with Alex Muyl
February 27, 2018

MetroFanatic: Alex, we had that Georgetown contingent, and you're the only one left...
Alex Muyl: Oh, wow, I haven't even thought that!

MF: Well, that's why I'm here, to propose various scenarios.
AM: Now I can think about it...

MF: It seemed like we had a nice pipeline from the academy and it died off.
AM: It was me, Arun, Brandon, and Lema was kinda linked to the club...

MF: Yeah, but he bailed.
AM: I think that was a testament to how talented our academy was at the time, and we all ended up going to Georgetown, which was a great school and a great place to play. I think we all had a great time there and it helped us develop a lot. I think people have to go the way to support their path and their career. I think Arun and Brandon, while they didn't necessarily break through the first team, I think they learned a lot here and I know they were very grateful for their for their experience here.

MF: And are you learning a lot?
AM: Yeah, I am.

MF: In college, you played an attacking position, and now you've even played some left, right back. Are you getting more comfortable there?
AM: Yeah, I think that last year, with the wingback position, it was actually a new a new role for me and I think that it was one that was actually really exciting. If you want look at world football now, there are a lot of teams using those wingbacks, and while it's a defensive position, it's definitely a place you can get forward from and influence the attack in part of the game. I ended up getting a few good chances from there, so it's definitely a good a good place to be I have the engine I think for it.

MF: You seem to be very relentless at pursuing the ball.
AM: I think that's something that we value a lot here, because we want to get the ball up high on the field and transport as quickly as possible. I think it's something I can do really well, and for me it's all about just continuing to grow as a player and expanding my comfort zone and working on different parts of my game. I think that it's definitely important that I can do that, it's the side that the team values a lot. I know I don't get so much credit for all the time, but if it helps the guys, I think the guys know it, and that matters a lot.

MF: There was that game your first year in Columbus when you were running non-stop.
AM: Yeah, I remember, that was the game that I broke the league record for the most distance covered. I think Tyler might up there now!

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