Media Day with Ben Mines
February 27, 2018

MetroFanatic: Ben, when did you join the academy?
Ben Mines: I joined in my freshman year at my school.

MF: And your in what, your junior year now?
BM: Senior.

MF: My god, young people, what's up with that...
BM: (laughs)

MF: Are you still taking classes?
BM: I still take classes, I've switched to online schooling last year and practice with the USL team. Hopefully, finishing out soon and starting SNHU through MLS.

MF: Shout out to a sponsor! You had a ride to Stanford, right?
BM: Yeah.

MF: How difficult was that to pass up?
BM: It was a very difficult decision.

MF: What did your parents say?
BM: My parents were very supportive of whatever I wanted to do.

MF: We can't interview them, so we can't say for sure.
BM: (laughs) They just want me to follow my dream, and they are supporting me, no matter what.

MF: And your dream is to be with this team?
BM: Since I was a kid, I wanted to be a professional soccer player. I've grown up at this club and it's just a dream come true for me signing.

MF: You scored three preseason goals to tie for the prestigious preseason scoring championship.
BM: It is great, it was a hard adaptation to come into preseason and playing with such experienced guys, but once we got into kt, I think we really all connect together.

MF: In the USL playoffs last year, missing the penalty kick was probably not your best memory.
BM: Well, it was it was obviously heartbreaking to not see it go in and obviously I expect myself to make those plays. All you can do is learn from it and move forward.

MF: But the fact that Wolyniec had faith in you must speak volumes.
BM: Yeah, it was very reassuring that he was willing to put me up to the spot. It's very comforting as players to know that your coaches have confidence us.

MF: Don't worry, the USL championship is not a big deal, we already got that. It's MLS Cup we want.
BM: Hopefully, I'll get to spend a lot of time on Red Bull II this year and get a lot of minutes with them and help contribute to the cup.

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