Media Day with Bradley Wright-Phillips
February 27, 2018

MetroFanatic: Bradley, one hundred goals: it's just a number, is it?
Bradley Wright-Phillips: It's just a number. I'm not gonna lie. It was obviously... it was a proud moment. I didn't like the fashion I scored that goal.

MF: That was the weirdest goal...
BWP: I said, do not give it to me, but it came off me, so what you going to do. It's just... I wish it looked better, and, yes one hundred goals.

MF: Well maybe if the game ended better...
BWP: That's what I mean, we still didn't go through. There's nothing really that hundredth goal... It done nothing for me because it just wasn't what I thought, I thought I would actually kick a ball and I was hoping to win that game.

MF: I could score a goal like that!
BWP: (laughs) Exactly, exactly.

MF: Maybe not...
BWP: You know what I mean, we lost then. It was just...

MF: So your first year here, play Houston, if there were away goals, we would have advanced. Last year, they had away goals, we don't advance. Is that just something you brush off, this is MLS?
BWP: It's not even that. We need to do more to win the games. In the game, just win the game, and we're not talking about aggregate, away goals, or whatever. We just got to do better in both boxes and and get this get this trophy that we cannot get.

MF: That game in Cincinnati, I'm watching on my computer, and oh my God... it was just clutch.
BWP: That was amazing and I think that's what our team is about. Since I've been here, we're always counted out, or not really giving credit for things that we've done week in week out. In that game, I thought that everyone in the whole of MLS and the USL were happy. It was obviously a great story. Cincinnati, they've done very well, and everyone would love a story like that, everyone loves the underdog story. For us to come back in those you know circumstances, away from home. They had a lot of fans. It was a very special moment, one that stands out from me with New York Red Bull.

MF: And then in the final, you score, but it's too little, too late...
BWP: A little too late. We had opportunities and could have done better. It's also just how we conceded, but we need go to try and find a way to learn from it and bring it into two thousand and eighteen.

MF: For years, some fans have had a defeatist mentality: oh, we're going to lose. I think it changed when Titi came here, but you still see it.
BWP: Of course. I just feel like... I don't really hear too much from them. I'm not really into social media.

MF: For the best, probably.
BWP: For the most part, I think they've been behind us and you go sympathize with those. They want an MLS Cup, the want the Open Cup, so obviously they're going to get frustrated sometimes. But they know that when you come and watch us and see what kind of work we put in, you see how hard we go to win games and we've been close.

MF: So... two hundred?
BWP: Two hundred? (laughs) I dunno about that. I'll take 101.

MF: Was the thought of becoming captain brought in the offseason?
BWP: It was spoken about, but it's not real. They got the man for the job. I think Luis is great...

MF: Because you want to be here next year?
BWP: (laughs) No, I think Luis is great for the job. He is a natural leader, on and off the field.

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