Media Day with Bradley Wright-Phillips
February 25, 2019

MetroFanatic: Brad, two years ago you scored the 100th goals in all competitions against Toronto, that was kinda lame...
Bradley Wright-Phillips: Yeah.

MF: but last year, you scored the 100th league goal against DC, and that was pretty special. I know it's just a number...
BWP: Yeah, it was something I was proud of. It was kinda good to just get it out of the way as I got closer to the milestone.

MF: You got it early in that game.
BWP: Luckily.

MF: DC, too. It was good to get it against DC.
BWP: Yeah, exactly. It made it that little bit more special, scoring against one of your rivals. It was just a lot of work and effort from the team, the past players and the players that are there now.

MF: There are 124 goals now in all competitions. Can you talk about some players over the years who helped get you there?
BWP: Well, you guys know...

MF: Sure, but I want to hear some names! Can you single someone out?
BWP: I wouldn't, because there are too many people who played a part in this. Each team that I've been on every year, I've done alright with goals most seasons, and many people helped out in that.

MF: When you got here in 2013, the perception of this team wasn't really a winner. Has that changed?
BWP: I would hope so.

MF: Three Shields in six years...
BWP: Then, when I got here, the next year we got the Shield, I think.

MF: At the end of that year.
BWP: Yeah. I wasn't sure exactly on the reputation, I do know that when I got here there were some amazing players that played here. Of late, we've done well, we've got some Shields and we've been one of the most consistent teams the last five years.

MF: Do other teams in the league fear you?
BWP: I'm not sure, I'm not in their locker room. (laughs)

MF: But what about your way of playing, swarming on the field?
BWP: I wouldn't see it as fear, but I know there is a respect there, just like we have for a few teams in this league.

MF: Last week, I thought it was a goal that they took away from you.
BWP: Rightly so! It was an own goal. Can't be taking goals that's not yours.

MF: Watching on TV, Pantoja wasn't as good as an average MLS team.
BWP: I felt that quality-wise, they wouldn't be one of the best MLS teams, but they pose different threats for us. They were very physical, hard to play at their ground in those conditions. It was a tough game, it wasn't any easy, I just don't think quality-wise they are as good.

MF: Let's talk about the interference goal they took away in Atlanta.
BWP: That's gone, there is nothing to say about it.

MF: Because you're watch it, you get so happy, and then...
BWP: Yeah.

MF: Maybe the series goes completely different if they count it.
BWP: That's football. We'll never know if it would go differently, right? It's gone, we're past that.

MF: You're getting on in your age.
BWP: Yeah. (laughs)

MF: Well, you're younger than me...
BWP: I was gonna bring that up!

MF: (laughs) But this team is known for going with younger players.
BWP: Yeah.

MF: You're not that young anymore... for a soccer player. Are you afraid they are gonna get rid of you?
BWP: Of course not.

MF: I hope you get to 200.
BWP: Hopefully. Let's hope.

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