Media Day with Alex Muyl
February 25, 2019

MetroFanatic: Alex, last week you saved the ball off the endline, and they scored. You've done that a couple of times, do you have a special skill?...
Alex Muyl: That one felt a little different, obviously. Tim had a good shot and I was able to keep it in. Of course, you can let that go out for a corner, but with us, the way we like to play, we would like to see if we can get a chance from the run of play. I played Tim and he put a good ball in, and we were able to get a goal.

MF: You seem to do it all the time, the Houston game, for instance.
AM: I guess just being tuned in, not giving up on any play, trying to find any advantage possible to score.

MF: You tend to be a divisive player...
AM: Yeah.

MF: A portion of the fans... some love you, some hate you...
AM: Right.

MF: Do you care?
AM: Do I care? Ummmm... I think we call can see that's part of the game, people are allowed to have their opinions. The people I care most are my teammates, and those guys always have my back, so that's the most important thing to me. Fans are allowed to have their opinion, but that's not what I really focus on.

MF: For me, seeing the work rate, seeing the hustle, elevates you regardless of anything else. Plus, you scored a playoff goal!
AM: (laughs) Fortunate. I'll take it.

MF: This is your fourth year on the team. Do you feel your role is growing? Or is there more competition now?
AM: I think every year is its own journey. You can come into the year thinking you'll be starting every game, and then it doesn't necessarily work out that way. Or like my first couple of years, come in and not expect to play at all, and play a lot. The one thing I have, this being my fourth year and having some experience, you should just take it day by day and be ready any moment when your number is called to have a good performance.

MF: Any areas of your games that you feel can improve a bit?
AM: Every area! Every area can always improve. I'd love to be as productive as I can with goals and assists, just everything. It's always a process to keep getting better. I'm sure if you ask Luis or Brad, some older guys, they are trying to improve in every way as well.

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