Media Day with Kemar Lawrence
February 25, 2019

MetroFanatic: Kemar, a couple of years ago you had a quote about Jamaicans not getting paid too much in MLS. Do you remember that?
Kemar Lawrence: Yeah...

MF: Do you still feel that way after the new contract?
KL: (laughs a lot) It's still something that is big in the league. If you look at a lot of Caribbean players, it's not just only me. You can still look at my contract and be like, does Kemar deserve more? It's still something that's big with Caribbean players. It's not just one player, it's a lot of different players. One player can't really determine everything for the rest of the players.

MF: On our website, we do a Best XI of all-time players, and you made the Best XI of the entire team history.
KL: Yeah? That's an honor right here. It's amazing!

MF: Brad and Luis are on there, obviously, and so are you now.
KL: I really appreciate it, thank you.

MF: I think you are, by far, the best left back, the best outside back in team history as well. The team showed how much they miss you when you're not on the field.
KL: It's really sad to miss a big game like that, it's just really sad. You believe in your team, and I believe that my team is a really good team. On the day when they went to play that game, I felt like they were gonna win that game. Just the level that we were on, but some things happened and we made a couple of mistakes and we lost the game 3:0, so it is what it is. I really wish I was on the field to help them. We wouldn't know what would have happened if I was there, but... it is what it is.

MF: You made the league Best XI last year, and one of the media guys at MLS said you should be Defender of the Year. Of course, Aaron Long is a good choice, probably...
KL: Ummmm...

MF: Maybe?
KL: We can always debate about that in the locker room.

MF: Outside backs never win.
KL: That's the thing I heard. I feel that they forget outside backs, that their job is to defend first, attack after. I felt like... yeah, he had an amazing year, both for country and club. And I felt that he deserves it. We can always debate in the locker room, between me and him, on a different scale.

MF: You scored on a free kick against Mexico. We hadn't had much luck with direct free kicks lately, maybe you should take them?
KL: (laughs) I'm trying to get Amir up there, I'm trying to get Amir to hit a couple.

MF: Really?
KL: (laughs) He's been practicing in training a lot.

MF: What about you?
KL: I can hit them, but we got a couple of guys who I feel like, are maybe a little better. I just need them to step up.

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