Media Day with Marc Rzatkowski
February 25, 2019

MetroFanatic: Marc, the year ends, you are off the team. Was that for real or...
Marc Rzatkowski: (laughs) No, for me, we had a great conversation after the season, also in season we had some conversations about my future. After the season I was there with Chris, with Denis and the staff. We talked about my situation and I was just saying, to be honest, I want to stay here and I would love to stay here, and it was great to see them give me the feedback that they want me to stay here too. So we just had to find a way that it works with Salzburg, because I had a contract there, and in soccer, you never know. In my mind, I was 100% clear I'm coming back. I'm really happy that everything worked out.

MF: Did you hear the rumor that Jesse might be the new coach at Salzburg?
MR: I heard it, yeah.

MF: It would be kinda cool.
MR: It would be cool for him...

MF: But not for you anymore, you're here now.
MR: (laughs)

MF: Last year, versus Kansas City, it's the first time in team history that a sub comes in with the team losing, and scores two goals for a win in regulation. First time in 23 years.
MR: Really?

MF: Yeah, I looked back.
MR: I didn't know this!

MF: Perhaps the best substitute performance in the history of the team.
MR: It was a great feeling. I will remember this day my whole life, because it was such a great time. I had ups and downs in the season, and it was the second game of Chris.

MF: His first win, if they lost the second game, you start to get nervous...
MR: So I was happy for him, I was happy for myself to show everybody I can help the team. I was really happy to help with these two goals with Chris for his first win. It was a great day and a great memory.

MF: That was as a sub, but with Tyler out, you probably have a starting spot for more often than not this year. You are clearly not a 1-for-1 replacement...
MR: For sure. I think Tyler is doing a great job, he did a great job here and now I watch every game, I think today they are playing, he is doing a great job in Germany right now. I'm not a Tyler Adams 2.0, I have different qualities.

MF: Your shot is a little better.
MR: Maybe...

MF: A little bit, just a bit.
MR: I don't like to speak about myself...

MF: But I'm speaking, it's different.
MR: Yeah.

MF: I feel that shooting from outside the box, you are one of the few players who can add that dimension.
MR: I have a great... good shot from outside the box, and maybe I need to come more in this kind of situation.

MF: You just missed last week.
MR: It was really close. I'm confident enough to say that I can help the team with my qualities. Compared to Tyler Adams, he helped the team for sure, but I think I'm able to do it in my way.

MF: An important question. Last week, just the mustache, but now you got a little beard going?
MR: Yeah.

MF: The mustache was a little scary.
MR: (laughs) You didn't like it?

MF: No comment, everyone is different!
MR: (laughs) We had a long preseason. (laughs)

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