Philly outshoots Metro, 10:8, and also wins, 1:0
August 25, 2020

Philadelphia New York
08.25.20 · League

When Chris Armas gets fired as Metro's coach (and Chris Armas WILL get fired as Metro coach), the following words will be inscribed on his tombstone: "You outshoot an opposition 20-4, you lose and it's 'the coach is terrible'".

Since Armas uses shots as measure of success, tonight his team was outshot by Philly, 10:8. Oh, and they also lost 1:0. Who is terrible now?

Terrible is a coach that insists his team dominated a game where they could not break the bunker and did not place a shot ON GOAL until the 81st minute. Terrible is a team that has only scores one goal -- on a goalkeeper gaffe -- and its last four games. Terrible is a coach who benches his only creative midfielder for the second straight game. Terrible is a team that cannot create any sustained offensive chances for long stretches of time. Terrible is a coach who insists on starting a two-forward lineup, which has not worked for this team since it switched to the high press five years ago. Need we go on? Let's just recap the game.

Again, Alejandro Romero Gamarra began the game on the bench, as Armas made just one change to the lineup, inserting Brian White for Florian Valot. We're not sure if White touched the ball at all in the first half, and he was taken off at the break.

By then, Philly had the lead. In the 31st minute, a momentary lapse by the usually-steady Kyle Duncan saw Kacper Przybylko run by him and get on the end of a cross. It was 1:0 at the break, and Metro trailed 6:3 on shots after sleepwalking through most of the period.

The insertion of Romero Gamarra at the break seemed to energize the team, and Metro had their share of chances (mostly because of the aforementioned Romero Gamarra, who should have been starting from the onset). They ended up with five shots in the half, to only four for Philly. That being said, you can make the case that the Worms had the most dangerous opportunities, as Meara made a clutch save on a wide-open shot, and another one uncontested attempt sailed just over the net.

The game was also marred by the rare appearance of Mathias Jorgensen, and the puzzling continuation of Omir Fernandez. But it's not Armas' fault the team is filled with limited attacking players, that's on Denis Hamlett, and tonight is not about bashing him.

But, hey, Armas' team outshout Philly 5:4 in the second half! Who says the coach is terrible?

Lineup: Meara, Pendant, Parker, Long, Duncan, Casseres, Davis, Rzatkowski, Stroud, Royer, White. Subs: Romero Gamarra, Barlow, Valot, Jorgensen, Fernandez.

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