MLS Power Rankings
Rank Team Comment
 1 New York Head and shoulders above everyone else.
 2 Columbus Inching closer to the top spot.
 3 Orlando Battling Columbus for the second spot.
 4 Dallas Better than most teams in the league.
 5 Houston Rising into the top half of the rankings.
 6 Los Angeles Climbing up the rankings.
 7 Kansas City Fans are starting to get optimistic.
 8 Montreal Next game can see them rise... or fall.
 9 Colorado The only word to describe them is 'average'.
 10 New England Smack in the middle of the rankings.
 11 Portland Closer to being pretenders than contenders.
 12 Chicago It's hard to be optimistic about their chances.
 13 Cincinnati At least they're a little better than Salt Lake.
 14 Salt Lake One more bad result and they're in trouble.
 15 San Jose And some pundits though they'll do well this year!
 16 Seattle Watch out, the cellar is close!
 17 Toronto Absolutely horrible... But better than DC, NYC, and Philly.
 18 Philadelphia P... U!
 19 NY City Man City's farm team.
 20 DC United Who the f@#k's DC United? The Metro marches on!
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