MLS Power Rankings
Rank Team Comment
 1 New York Metro is #1... What more needs to be said?
 2 San Jose Close, but no cigar.
 3 Seattle The apex is within their grasp.
 4 Toronto Better than most teams in the league.
 5 Chicago Close call with Dallas.
 6 Dallas Too early to tell how good they can really be.
 7 Orlando Creeping up from the middle tier.
 8 Houston Next game can see them rise... or fall.
 9 Kansas City It can go either way with them this year.
 10 Vancouver A key matchup this week can alter their season.
 11 Colorado One more misstep, and they could be sliding.
 12 Columbus Not delivering what was expected this year.
 13 Portland Have to get some good results to get back on track.
 14 Los Angeles If they can only play as good as they think they are...
 15 Salt Lake And some pundits though they'll do well this year!
 16 Montreal Watch out, the cellar is close!
 17 New England Three spots away from the bottom.
 18 Philadelphia What stinks? It's Philly.
 19 NY City The only bigger losers are their fans.
 20 DC United What do you think of DC? S@#t!
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