Klinger, Rodriguez,
Shak, Alvarez
Ten Worst: Skilled players
February 1, 2007

Often, the conversation about the worst Metro ever comes up. There are many candidates, and the definition of "worst" lies in the crux of the debate. If you define "worst" as one who really sucked given the expectations, it's hard to argue against Marcelo Vega or Ruben Dario Hernandez. Or Joao Luiz, or Jaime Moreno, or Marcelo Balboa. Or Diego Serna. Ugh, Metro hell.

But if you defined "worst" as players with least skill, we will have to leave off the aforementioned players. Yes, they sucked as Metros, but at least they had respectable careers elsewhere and did possess some (in some cases, a lot) of skill. (It's the desire that should be questioned in most of these cases.) So, here they are, the ten least skilled Metros ever. To appear on the list, one must play at least three games for the club. So sorry, Russell Payne. And Ken Hesse. And Danny Barber. And Fausto Klinger. And Eric Kvello. And Barry Swift. And Louis Ken-Kwofie. And...

  • 10) Peter Canero, 2006
    Talk about a disappointment. A waste of $142,996. "Significant upgrade in flank play"? Only in Alexi Lalas' wet dreams.

  • 9) Kerry Zavagnin, 1997-98
    It's amazing how he's grown up into a very solid player, but his time with Metro was anything but. Equally putrid in midfield and right back... Seriously, how on earth did he improve so much since leaving Metro?

  • 8) Steve Shak, 2000-01
    The worst draft pick in MLS history, he was taken #1 overall in 2000 and proceeded to completely stink up the field. Other teams would always leave him unmarked because they knew he couldn't do anything with the ball.

  • 7) Kevin Knight, 1999
    We said it in Obscure Metro Files: the worst player on the worst team in MLS history. Not a defender, so why on earth did Bora Milutinovic play him in defense?

  • 6) Julian Gomez, 2000
    Why the hell was he on the team? He couldn't even make an A-League roster. More in Obscure Metro Files.

  • 5) Birahim Diop, 2001-02
    He made his Metro debut in Copa Merconorte and proceeded to make the MLS squad next year. Horrid at left back, Octavio Zambrano then tried Diop at left midfield, and then thankfully cut him.

  • 4) Nidal Baba, 1996
    For one shining moment, Metro gave him control of central midfield when both Donadoni and Ramos were out. He was a complete disaster in a lifeless 1:0 loss and was cut soon after. There are just not enough words in the dictionary to describe how pathetic and crappy he was.

  • 3) Byron Alvarez, 2002
    He looked completely lost when he stepped on the field. Was he a midfielder? A forward? Too slow, too awkward, too immobile, with no positive qualities of any sort. Metro league record was 2-6 when he played.

  • 2) Martin Klinger, 2001-02
    You can read all about him in Obscure Metro Files. Thin as a stick, clueless and hopeless. It really doesn't get much worse, until you get to...

  • 1) Edmundo Rodriguez, 1996
    We said it all as part of Ten Years Ago: Worst. Metro. Ever.

    Just missing out:

  • Kenny Arena, 2003-04
  • Cristian da Silva, 1996-98
  • Chris Brauchle, 1996
  • Sam Forko, 2002
  • Ted Gillen, 1996
  • Carlos Parra, 1997-98
  • Andrew Restrepo, 1996
  • Damian Silvera, 1996
  • Ryan Suarez, 2005
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