Ten Worst: Metro foreigners (update)
December 2, 2008

Since we first looked at the ten worst foreigners in Metro history, an update has to be made. For descriptions of the initial top ten, see the original article, parts one and two, and update from 2006.

  • 10) Diego Serna, Colombia, 2002

  • 9) Oscar Echeverry, Colombia, 2008-
    What? Echeverry is still on the roster? Why??? Nine games he played for Metro, seven starts for the supposed forward. Zero goals, zero assists, zero skill, one merciful season-ending injury.

  • 8) Juan Pietravallo, 2008-
    He acquitted himself well early on, but turned into a huge liability soon after. A walking red card, the sight of him lunging for a tackle, missing it, and hitting the opponent's shin, is not easily forgotten. And sadly, we might have to live with it for another year as his deal for 2009 is guaranteed.

  • 7) Gabriel Cichero, Venezuela, 2008
    We never thought that we'll see the day that Sergio Galvan Rey and Pedro Alvarez slide off this list, but yet, here we are. How bad was Cichero? After getting sent off with a straight red card in his second match, the team allowed three goals per game in the matches that he started. He was nowhere to be found during the miraculous playoff run and was sent packing immediately after the season.

  • 6) Markus Schopp, 2006-07
    When Red Bull bought the franchise, some fans began to salivate at the prospect of European players that can be signed to the "sister club" in Salzburg and be loaned to New York to circumvent the salary cap. What they got was Schopp, the former Austrian World Cup midfielder whose million-dollar-plus salary saw him step on the field just 12 times in a season and a half with Metro. In those 12 matches, he tallied a single assist, and spent most of his playing time lying on the field, be it from constant diving or from his inability to keep up with opponents.

  • 5) Peter Canero, Scotland, 2006

  • 4) Jaime Moreno, Bolivia, 2003

  • 3) Joao Luiz, Brazil, 1997

  • 2) Ruben Dario Hernandez, Colombia, 1996

  • 1) Marcelo Vega, Chile, 1998

  • *) Mamadou Diallo, Senegal, 2002
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