Media Day with Tony Tchani
March 16, 2010

MetroFanatic: Tony, at the draft, you said you're not familiar with MLS. Are you more familiar now?
Tony Tchani: Yes, sir. I am.

MF: So what can you say about MLS?
TT: I can say that's it's more physical and also that MLS has a different style, you know.

MF: No, I don't know... Explain please.
TT: In Europe, they just play soccer. But in MLS it's more power, physical and stuff.

MF: You seem pretty powerful and physical.
TT: Yes, sir, I am.

MF: Supposedly they're trying to bring you on slowly. Is that true?
TT: I don't think so.

MF: So you're gonna start next week?
TT: It's up to the coach. I don't know.

MF: So what's your status as far as citizenship is concerned? Do you have a green card?
TT: Yes.

MF: And you missed out part of the training camp...
TT: My passport was expired.

MF: So you can't play in Toronto, or will that be taken care of?
TT: I think I can play in Toronto, by then everything will be settled.

MF: So did you miss out on a lot by missing that part of preseason?
TT: I guess, because I would have loved to play against European teams.

MF: Where have you been playing more, defensive midfield, attacking, central?
TT: We're playing with two central midfielders, four flat.

MF: So that's a lot of responsibility for the central midfielders.
TT: Yeah. Because if he goes up, you have to be down.

MF: When you were playing, who was usually the other guy?
TT: Sinisa.

MF: And you worked out a rapport with him?
TT: Yeah, I guess. Because he is that kind of player, I like to play like him. Good soccer, turn, pass.

MF: And if you have to tackle, you wont avoid contact.
TT: I guess, but I have to adapt myself first.

MF: For the future, what do you think about US citizenship for the US national team?
TT: That's pretty tough, because right now I'm not thinking about that. I'm thinking about playing for the NY Red Bulls. After that, I'll see what national team I can play for.

MF: Hypothetically speaking, if USA comes calling, and says, Tony, here's a passport, take it. Will you take it?
TT: It's very tough. I cannot answer that question. I cannot make that decision. I would love to play for my country.

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