Media Day with Brian Nielsen
March 15, 2011

MetroFanatic: Brian, people had really high hopes for you last year, but you didn't get to play much.
Brian Nielsen: I've been injured for the year, so, yeah, that's it.

MF: Can you talk about your deal? Are you signed with Salzburg, or here, or what?
BN: I'm here this year, after the year, we have to see. We'll have to speak again.

MF: Well, you might not be here in a year!
BN: I dunno. We'll see.

MF: What's your professional goal?
BN: To play in a big club.

MF: Is this a big club?
BN: (long pause)

MF: Honestly?
BN: (long pause)

MF: Not the biggest...
BN: Not the biggest. It's a big club, but it's not Europe.

MF: But you're here.
BN: I'm happy to be here. Now I just want to get back on the pitch.

MF: Have you had injury problems your whole career?
BN: I had three surgeries in the right knee, so I hope no one kicks me, so that could be it for me.

MF: Is New York one of the reasons you came here?
BN: I had a good offer, and a good talk with Soler.

MF: You were quoted, you were made an offer you couldn't refuse?
BN: I wouldn't say it like that, but I wanted to leave my old club so badly. I've been there five years, and I wanted to go to a big club.

MF: So this is a stepping stone for you?
BN: Yeah.

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