Ten Best: CONCACAF Metros
July 10, 2013

If you're like us, you've been watching the Gold Cup, saw ex-Metro Jean-Philippe Peguero (Peguero Jean-Philippe?) lumber around the field, and thought to yourself, who where the best ever players from various CONCACAF nations to play for Metro? If you're like us, you also need a new hobby...

  • 10. Bill Gaudette, Puerto Rico
    The Pennsylvania-born Gaudette has been capped a number of times for his adopted island of Puerto Rico. Did well as a starter last year until that last minute goal in New England.

  • 9. Craig Ziadie, Jamaica
    The Florida-born Ziadie was once thought (by lesser minds) to be a future US right back, but elected to represent the country of his parents instead. He spent two and a half years with Metro, scoring one goal and adding four assists.

  • 8. Fabian Taylor, Jamaica
    "That's where the bucks is." Much was expected from Taylor when he burst out with two goals in a 3:2 win over the Scum early in the 2004 season. He would score only three more goals the rest of the way and was sent packing back to Jamaica.

  • 7. Cornell Glen, Trinidad and Tobago
    Much was expected from Glen as well after he scored two in a frantic 5:5 tie versus San Jose early in the 2004 season. He would score only four more goals the rest of the way and was sent packing after the season. Glen did manage to play in the 2006 World Cup.

  • 6. Andy Williams, Jamaica
    Acquired in the reprehensible deal midway through 2002 that also sent Mamadou Diallo to Metro, Williams' half-season was more than solid, with two goals and 13 assists (the latter, the second best mark in team history). He was shipped out after the season for Edgar Bartolomeu.

  • 5. Jean-Philippe Peguero, Haiti
    What is it will all these single-season players? Peguero came in early in 2006 for Thiago Martins, quickly scored six goals, including a hat-trick vs Chivas USA. After just 12 games, he was sold to Denmark's Brondby. It was all downhill for Peguero (Jean-Philippe?) since.

  • 4. Roy Myers, Costa Rica
    Now here is a multi-season player... A key member of the 2000 team, he actually had three different stints with Metro. Acquired in 1999, Myers was quickly sent to LA, came back a year later, was released, re-signed, and then got hurt. He scored one goal and added nine assists for Metro.

  • 3. Roy Miller, Costa Rica
    Aha! If we did this list after any of the last three playoff exits -- or after this year's game in San Jose -- Miller would not have sniffed it. Yet here he is, after a string of excellent performances. And it's hard to argue against a four-year starter.

  • 2. Dane Richards, Jamaica
    Finally, we're getting to the good ones. 23 goals, 30 assists, and one of the greatest individual performances in team history in a historic 3:0 playoff win in Houston. We miss you, Dane!

  • 1. Amado Guevara, Honduras
    And we miss you, Amado! 39 goals, 39 assists, three hat-tricks, deadly penalty kicks, last-minute winners, so many memories... Metro's best ever midfielder, and it's not even close.
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