Metro by the Numbers: 29 - 99
January 3, 2015

  • #29: Eduardo Hurtado, 1998-99
    Didn't Salou Ibrahim (Ibrahim Salou?) remind you of Hurtado? Bulky, slow, powerful forward, who could score... sometimes. Both wore #29. Hurtado, for all the crap of 1999, was rather good in 1998.

  • #30: Francis Doe, 2007
    A tough one again. We have Russell Payne, Grafer (2002-03), Tenywa Bonseu, Ryan Suarez, Francis Doe, and Macoumba Kandji. Payne and Suarez can be dismissed, but the rest... talk about average. Doe had two goals, one assist in nine games. Kandji has one goal, two assists in seven games, before switching to #10 in 2009. T-Bone... 15 less than inspiring games. Ugh. Doe it is.

  • #31: Luis Robles, 2012-
    Did you know that three players wore #31 before Robles? Trick question here: neither of them wore it in a game. They were: Tim Mulqueen, assistant coach who was forced to dress as a backup goalkeeper in 1996, Hugh MacDonald, a reserve defender cut midway through his rookie 2007 season, and Alex Horwath, who played his lone game as #1 before switching after Frank Rost's arrival.

  • #32: Ibrahim Sekagya, 2013-14
    For a number worn by only four players (Markus Schopp, Luke Sassano, and Marcos Paullo being the other three), this is a tough choice... between Sassano and Sekagya, of course. Let's go with Sekagya, his giveaway in the 2013 playoffs be damned.

  • #33: Kenny Cooper, 2012
    Best single-season Metro ever: 19 goals in all competitions (should have been 20!).

  • #39: Juan Agudelo, 2010
    Your choices: Agudelo, but in 2010 only (he switched to #17 afterwards), Teddy Schneider in 2011 (only played in that forgettable Open Cup run), and Saer Sene last year (speaking of forgettable non-league runs). So, yeah, Agudelo.

  • #40: Alec Dufty, 2009
    82 shutout minutes from Dufty in 2009, or a full game with two allowed goals from Chris Konopka in 2011? Dufty, of course.

  • #44: Carlos Mendes, 2010-11
    Jamison Olave knocked him off #4, but Mendes' last season and a half were spent wearing #44, thanks to Rafa Marquez. The only other player to wear the number? Victor "The Urinator" Palsson.

  • #55: Damien Perrinelle, 2014
    Congrats, Damien!

  • #60: Jeff Parke, 2007-08
    One #60! There's only one #60! Of course, he started at #12, Jeff Agoos' acquisition forced him to #5, Steve Jolley's to #23, and Ronald Waterreus' to #60.

  • #71: Diego Serna, 2002
    Forced to wear #71 because Marcelo Balboa took #17... The less said at this point, the better.

  • #88: Peguy Luyindula, 2013
    Peguy wears #8 now, but he did have the amazing, three-assist, shield-clinching performance wearing the larger number. Bill Gaudette also wore this, but come on.

  • #91: Sacir Hot, 2011
    Hot was born in 1991. That is all.

  • #99: Bradley Wright-Phillips, 2013-
    Thanks for playing!

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