Wells, 2006
Ten Worst: Capped for USA
April 7, 2015

Did you know that Metro has not three, not four, but five players who were capped for USA? Dax McCarty and Sacha Kljestan are obvious, Luis Robles less so, while the other two... well, you'll see them below.

Before anyone says a word, this list is omitting Kerry Zavagnin and Santino Quaranta, two players who were HORRENDOUS here, but did have respectable careers elsewhere. (Although we're not sure if "respectable" can describe anything about Quaranta, since he was a crackhead. Just a side note.)

  • 10) Sal Zizzo, 1 cap
    Alright, Zizzo hasn't exactly impressed so far this season, but we'll give him the benefit of doubt by ranking him on the bottom of this list. Still, he is in his sixth MLS season, already on his fourth team, and never started more than 14 games in a year. Cap: vs Sweden, 2007.

  • 9) Billy Walsh, 1 cap
    Team MVP for the worst team in league history (at that point, that is), the 1999 MetroStars. It was all downhill from there, including a memorable week in 2001 when Walsh thought he was traded to Chicago, blasted Metro management, had the trade pulled back, and then scored for Metro... and Chicago, both in the same game. Cap: vs Jamaica (in injury time!), 1999.

  • 8) Zach Wells, 1 cap
    How does a goalkeeper who only started for two half seasons during his five years in the league get to play for USA? We have no idea. Cap: vs Guatemala, 2006.

  • 7) Lawrence Lozzano, 7 caps
    A forgotten player from MLS's early years, he actually had a 10-goal, 10-assist season for San Jose in 1997. By the time he arrived to Metro in 1999, he was pretty washed up. Caps: vs Saudi Arabia, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, and Honduras, 1994; Uruguay and Belgium, 1995; Peru, 1996.

  • 6) Anthony Wallace, 1 cap
    We're giving Wallace a pass for his lone Metro game so far, but this is a player who played in a total of 38 league matches in his eight seasons in MLS. For those not good at math, that's an average of 4.75 per year. Cap: vs Chile, 2011.

  • 5) Ted Chronopoulos, 1 cap
    An average MLS defender who spent six unremarkable years with the Revs. He came to Metro in the massive six-player deal midway through 2002 that saw Mamadou Diallo and Diego Serna swap teams. He was even less remarkable in his time here. Cap: vs Israel, 1997.

  • 4) John DeBrito, 6 caps
    One of MLS's early vagabonds, he played for five different teams between 1996 and 2001. His Metro career consistent of eight pedestrian-at-best games in 1997. Caps: vs Bermuda, 1991; Costa Rica, El Salvador, Morocco and Canada (2), 1992.

  • 3) Ted Gillen, 3 caps
    When Carlos Queiroz cleaned house in 1996, somehow Gillen survived. Heck, he even started a playoff game! We're running out of adjectives. Blandly forgettable? Sounds about right. Caps: vs Chile, Ecuador, and Costa Rica, 1988. Wow, before the 1990 World Cup! A US soccer pioneer. Sort of...

  • 2) Ryan Suarez, 1 cap
    "Ryan Suarez is one of the most colorful, passionate and entertaining players in MLS. Love him or hate him, he's a personality that can't be ignored. As far as I'm concerned, we just stole the best part of Chivas USA." Alexi Lalas is an idiot. Suarez was beyond awful for Metro and never played in MLS again. Cap: vs Wales, 2003.

  • 1) Mirsad Huseinovic, 1 cap
    When Queiroz took over in 1996, Metro started to go through numerous local players, trying to rebuild a terrible team. Montenegro-born Huseinovic managed to play 45 minutes before slipping back into amateur ranks. This is as obscure as it gets, for Metro and for USA. Cap: vs Costa Rica, 1992: two whole minutes!
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