Taken, just not by Metro
Ten Best: Re-entry draft picks
December 14, 2015

If you are like us, you're anxiously waiting for this Thursday's second stage of the re-entry draft. Metro will have a chance to pick up a valuable performer for cheap! So, let's get down to Metro's ten best re-entry draft picks. Since there have been five drafts, and each had two stages, we have a perfect number for the list! (Obviously, we will skip over this year's first stage, when Metro passed.)

  • 1-tied) 2010, Stage 1, 11th: PASS
    The draft was very new back then, so only two players went in the first stage. Metro decided to keep is quiet.

  • 1-tied) 2010, Stage 2, 11th: PASS
    Metro stayed put, but Juan Pablo Angel officially departed when he was taken for LA. Luke Sassano was taken by LA, and then traded to KC.

  • 1-tied) 2011, Stage 1, 11th: PASS
    The Revs took Danleigh Borman #2, but he ended up not signing. Carlos Mendes went to Columbus at #9, and spent a year there. Metro passed.

  • 1-tied) 2011, Stage 2, 11th: PASS
    The Galaxy went nuts, taking ex-Metros Andrew Boyens, Chris Leitch, and Jon Conway. Only Boyens ended up playing for LA... two games.

  • 1-tied) 2012, Stage 1, 13th: PASS
    One player taken, Maicon Santos. As obvious a pass as ever.

  • 1-tied) 2012, Stage 2, 13th: PASS
    Lots of activity in this one -- but none from Metro. We were disappointed Metro lost Stephen Keel to Dallas, but he was leaving anyway.

  • 1-tied) 2013, Stage 1, 15th: PASS
    Portland took Steve Zakuani #2, and he could barely walk. Clearly, there were slim pickings.

  • 1-tied) 2013, Stage 2, 15th: PASS
    The Scum took Fabian Espindola from Metro at #1. How did that work out for them in the two playoffs since? Exactly.

  • 1-tied) 2014, Stage 1, 15th: PASS
    Two backup goalkeepers went 1-2... Passing made perfect sense here.

  • 1-tied) 2014, Stage 2, 15th: PASS
    Did you know that Metro is one of two teams not to ever draft anyone in the re-entry draft? The other is NYC, and they only had two attempts...
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