Media Day with Daniel Royer
February 20, 2017

MetroFanatic: Daniel, you came from a team in Denmark which is know for its analytics. Was that different from other teams?
Daniel Royer: You know, many people know now about the philosophy of the club in Denmark, Midtjylland. About the statistics, the owner works a lot with them, but we as a team, or as a player, you didn't really feel it. It was all behind the scenes. Actually, as a player, it's not like we were working every day on particular stats that we got from the owner or from somebody else. As a player, you just had to do your job like everywhere, in the training, in the games. Of course, afterwards, if you analyze some of the games, some of the trainings, then you got to know particular things where you have to put your focus on.

MF: For example?
DR: Example: set pieces, is I think the best one. Where you have different ideas, how to score, different ideas how to avoid getting a goal, different kinds of different ideas.

MF: Is it the same here? They have lots of different set pieces, tricky things.
DR: It's just difficult for me to compare, because like I said, you didn't get that much information in Denmark. Sometimes you didn't particularly know on which things the coaches put their focus on. We tried to be tricky in Denmark, and, of course, we try to be tricky here, but that's in many many teams.

MF: You come from Austria, clearly Red Bull is an Austrian organization. You never played for Salzburg, does it feel strange that you're playing for an Austrian organization in America?
DR: Not at all, it doesn't feel strange for me. I played against Salzburg many times when I played in Austria, so I knew how things work here, how the philosophy is. Of course, I had to change some things of my own style, because I never played for a club like Red Bull, but it doesn't feel strange at all. All the Red Bull teams follow the same style of soccer, and it doesn't matter for me that I didn't play for another Red Bull club.

MF: You had some caps Austria. Do you feel that coming to America limits your chance with the national team?
DR: I don't know, but that is not where my focus is. In Austria, we had some players that played in Australia, for example, or in other countries, which are far away from Austria, from Europe. When they were successful, they accomplished a lot with the team and personally, then they got a call for the national team. So it's definitely not impossible, but we'll see how the season goes. If if we have a good season, and I play well too, there might be a chance.

MF: I felt that you started to play very well, but got injured last year. Was that big disappointment, not being able to contribute in the playoffs?
DR: Of course, it was a big disappointment. When I came here, the first weeks went quite well for me. It was quite easy to come into the team, because the team spirit is great here. That's the business, sometimes you get injured, and then I just had some last minutes in the playoffs.

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