Media Day with Aurelien Collin
February 20, 2017

MetroFanatic: Aurelien, when you played in Kansas City, lots of fans hated you. Now, in this place, you're loved.
Aurelien Collin: (laughs) I think when you're hated by fans of another team, that means that you leave everything on the field. They recognize that when I came, I gave all that I have. Right now, they are my friends.

MF: How difficult was the decision to come back in the offseason? Was it a long process?
AC: No, it was not a long process. They just announced it very late, I knew already that I was coming back, it was my priority. I was ready to make a lot of concessions to come here, because it's one of the best clubs. It's great to be a part of it, and I really want to win a cup here.

MF: Last year, you started in Orlando. You weren't even playing, did they ask you if you want to come here?
AC: No, in Orlando, I signed for two years, I had a contract, so in football sometimes, the coach has the decision that you don't understand, so you just have to respect. Have to stay very professional, it's the beauty here of this league that you can switch clubs very easily...

MF: Ah! So you actually see it as a positive!
AC: Yes.

MF: Because many people hate it...
AC: My part was great. (laughs) It was very complicated, from one day to the other, they say you have to go to this club. It's not great, but it's the law, the rules. For me, it was great, because I wasn't playing, and there was a lot of interest. I've been trying to come here for many, many years.

MF: Why didn't you come before?
AC: I dunno. It almost happened a couple of times. The fact that I wasn't playing helped so much, it made my dream come true, and now here I am.

MF: This team has been very French. Does it feel strange, or like home?
AC: Yeah, for us, New York feel like home. Then, this is a big, big club, like a big club in Europe, so you feel like home. On top of that, you have a lot of French people, Austrian, British. It's beautiful, we play in one way, but are from different countries. It's a beautiful reflect of New York.

MF: Are you getting Venezuelan citizenship to play for their national team?
AC: It's been years! Now, I'm good, just the coach has to call me when he is ready.

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