Media Day with Florian Valot
February 27, 2018

MetroFanatic: Florian, we need to settle something. Some places online say you're born in Monaco.
Florian Valot: No.

MF: See, that would make you the best player from Monaco.
FV: No, it's so small, I was born in the south of France with, close to Spain, it's a little town called Pau, but like everybody thinks Monaco or Paris is one for from Monaco, that's not true.

MF: Maybe you could get citizenship there and play for the national team!
FV: It's really hard to get citizenship and they don't have a national team.

MF: They do, but it's not FIFA.
FV: OK, I see. It's really hard to get citizenship in Monaco.

MF: But that's how your career started.
FV: I played in the academy for three years in PSG and moved to Monaco.

MF: Those are big clubs.
FV: It was amazing, it's a really good academy, you learn a lot from them.

MF: And why did you decide to come played college soccer in America?
FV: I had a chance to keep my study, get a degree while I was playing, which will hard. And to add to that, I need to do something different, to visit some new places. Coming here, having a scholarship and play soccer, it was just a huge opportunity I was not going to pass.

MF: But if you came here to get a degree, did you think you would become a professional soccer player?
FV: That was in the back of my mind of a first. The main reason I came was for the degree. Coming here for the new experience, a new culture. Going to the US is just an amazing thing for you.

MF: So you graduate college, get a degree, then this team invited you, and then USL, and now the first team...
FV: During my senior year, I was gonna quit soccer, to stop playing, just finish my degree and find a job. The Red Bulls invited me in December for their tryout for local players. I thought I didn't go well and they call me back and generally saying we want you to come practice with us and then during my last semester I was going back and forth to the training facility to practice, go back to school to take six classes to graduate, and I was working on the side. So it was a big journey. I was ready for it, and I was really happy about it, and right after I graduated they signed me. Spent a year and a half in the USL and they promoted me last year. I just keep growing, keep learning from those guys, and it's just amazing.

MF: Very important question, are you close to being a green card?
FV: No, no.

MF: You know the problem, right?
FV: I know... that's my problem. (laughs)

MF: You can marry an American!
FV: (laughs) No, I'm not gonna do that. To get a green card, I need to establish myself here. First prove that I'm worth it and they'll probably help me out with it.

MF: Did they say with the slots, would you get loaned out to the USL?
FV: Maybe. I don't know right now. I'm just focused on the first year practicing and hoping to get some playing time and you will see.

MF: You made the bench last week...
FV: I made the bench last week so... It's just like really really happy about it and it just... makes me want to keep working hard and just try to get some minutes next time.

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