Metro once again eliminates blue barf, 4:0
June 6, 2018

New York NY City
Royer 2

06.06.18 · Open Cup

Dear blue poseurs from across the river,

We've been there. Believe us.

There were so many years where we claimed to take the Open Cup seriously, only to fall to a better prepared team. We once lost to the Staten Island Vipers! You know, Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of New York City? It once had a minor league soccer team! Yes, really! You are not the first professional club to call New York City home!

Of course, one thing is to lose, and the other is to get taken apart so thoroughly. And it's not like you started all scrubs: your famed World Cup champion roamed your frontline! Too bad he was taken to school by a central defense pairing of former minor leaguer and a current one, who was making his first start for the big team (and who might not really be 19 years old, but that's a whole other story...)

That first goal, scored two minutes in? From a former minor leaguer as well, a local college product who was given a chance to rise through the system. You see, blue poseurs, we spent years letting such players slip through the cracks, the same years you spent putting pomade in your hair and frowning at MLS...

And then, of course, we poured it on, not because we want to stick it to you, but just because we can. 4:0? It could have easily been seven, but we'll keep that reserved for the famed confines of your baseball stadium.

Anyway, blue poseurs, we've been there, but after years in the wilderness, we've escaped. Good luck with that and your slave-owning overlords (as much as we hate our taurine-selling ones, you got us covered, and then some). Oh, and one more thing:

Two goalkeepers on the bench? Absolutely classic.

Lineup: Meara, Lawrence, Long, Ndam, Kutler, Davis, Bezecourt, Rzatkowski, Muyl, Royer, Etienne. Subs: Collin, Lade, Valot.

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