Media Day with Daniel Royer
February 25, 2019

MetroFanatic: Daniel, when you signed, did you think you were gonna be here for a while?
Daniel Royer: When I came here, I signed for one and a half years, so you never know what the future brings. But I think after establishing in the team, getting the feeling that this team likes me, the coach likes me, and I like it as well, there was an opportunity to extend the contract. So last year we extended my contract and I knew what my future looks like, so that's clear now.

MF: You say you like it here... what do you like?
DR: There are so many things that I like here. I almost like everything here. Just in general, the United States is so different where I come from, it's a different life attitude, you guys have a different work ethic. In the club, I like that it's a nice bunch of guys, we hang out on the field and off the field. Great characters, great personalities, I got a lot of friends here. And I think the way we play as a team is pretty unique and fits my style of play. It can't get better than that.

MF: Let's talk about the game versus Columbus in the playoffs last year. You were clearly not 100%. First, the opening goal you helped on, and then those two goals... it will go down as one of the greatest performances in team history. Thank you for that.
DR: Thank you. First of all, I was injured for a couple of weeks after the Atlanta game with my MCL a little bit, and when I came back I had to play with this bandage, but I still felt good. When you look at the first goal, that was a great team effort, we put so many passes together, we had so many players involved in this play, and I was just the last guy who finalized the play. I think that was maybe even the nicer goal than the second one.

MF: The second one was beautiful.
DR: Yeah, it was nice too and it was important to get a cushion and to feel more free.

MF: You could feel the energy in the stadium.
DR: Yeah.

MF: Unfortunately, the next week... As I keep thinking, if that interference call... Can you brush it off, or does it still hurt?
DR: In general, it still hurts a little bit, that we couldn't make it to the final, but not in particular about this situation. We played such a great season, winning the Supporters Shield, breaking plenty of records, beating Atlanta twice in the regular season, and then the game just didn't go the way that we wanted to. It's very painful. I'm just happy that they changed the playoff format.

MF: You think that's better?
DR: Yeah, I think it's better.

MF: But if you don't get the #1 seed, you don't get to play at home.
DR: I know, but I still think it's good to be rewarded for a great regular season. If they would have changed the format last year, we would only have home games.

MF: So you're confident you'll get the top spot, or close to it?
DR: You never know how the season goes, there are plenty of good teams in the league, but I think we can build on last season, for sure.

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