Media Day with Derrick Etienne
February 25, 2019

MetroFanatic: Derrick, we will forever have the Derrick Etienne Game, in this history of this team.
Derrick Etienne: (laughs) You wrote my name in history. I like that.

MF: I saw you take penalties in the USL, you were spot on.
DE: Knowing Sacha, I thought he would tell the keeper where I'm going, but he picked the other side, which is crazy.

MF: You used to go the other way.
DE: I always go to the right.

MF: So he was wrong!
DE: He was wrong, but he was right, but... terrible PK. One thing you shouldn't do is change your mind, and I changed my mind the last second. I was happy I was able to come back from that and get the goal. I wanted to get a goal for the team because I felt I owed them that, I was able to do that, and we won.

MF: Not many players can say they scored the trophy-clinching goal, so whatever happened before that, doesn't matter.
DE: Exactly.

MF: Do you feel you have to score, or can you contribute otherwise?
DE: Of course, the are other ways to contribute, but as an attacking player, you want to get goals. That's something I've been definitely working on, to make sure I'm more clinical in front of net. It came along in the last year, so hopefully I can improve on that. Five goals is pretty good, but you want to hit double figures, so that's what I would like to do, at least.

MF: Chris and Denis talked about the culture of the people who come from the academy, how they bleed for the crest.
DE: 100%. If you look at any homegrown player, it means a lot to us to be able to come through the roots. You come here, to Red Bull Arena, I was an academy kid. That was almost 10 years ago. I was 12 years old, so being able to go through all that, through the changes of managers and to be able to play with the first team, it's something we all hold the crest dear to our hearts. I think if you ask any homegrown guy, or any guy who played in the USL, they definitely have a special place for Red Bull in their hearts.

MF: So how does it feel, you're fighting the guys who came through after you for spots now?
DE: That's how it is in professional sports. It shows how the quality that we've had in the academy. Sean Davis, Alex Muyl, Kyle Duncan, just look around the room. At the end of the day, we're all here for one goal: to win MLS Cup. Whoever is playing the best, the coaches will make the right decision.

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