Media Day with Mathias Jorgensen
February 27, 2020

MetroFanatic: Mathias, you come in last year, allegedly for 2.5 million dollars, that's a lot for this team to spend. Some time in MLS, some in USL. How did you handle that?
Mathias Jorgensen: I think the first year was all about progressing. Coming into the season a bit late, after preseason was a bit difficult to me, to know the guys and to learn everything about the guys. For me, it was to learn a new country, to learn a new club, to learn a new culture, to learn everything. For me it was all about to develop myself first year and see how everything is working in this club, and the country and the league. For me, it has been good to learn a new experience, to get out of my comfort zone. It was comfortable in Denmark, so it was good to get out and learn something new, to see how it works in other places. For sure, I want to develop myself and be the best I can be as a soccer player.

MF: Name one thing about America that you had to adjust to.
MJ: My thing... the league is a bit different that the Danish league where I came from. Maybe a little more physical, a little more back and forth play. Sometimes in Denmark it would be too tactical. I think no league is like each other, each league is different. For me, when I took this step, it was the right time to take the step for me, and to get to a new level, to develop me more. My personal goal is to be the best I can be, to develop me as much as I can. For me, it was the right place, and the right time. For sure, the first year was to learn about everything, and I have high expectations for the second year. I've had a full preseason, and got to know the guys, got to know the culture and the system.

MF: What about America the country itself, not soccer?
MJ: America is a beautiful country.

MF: Even Houston?
MJ: (laughs) Exactly! In small Europe, we say, America is the country of opportunity, and you can see that when you get into the country.

MF: I love Copenhagen, it's beautiful.
MJ: Copenhagen is nice, it's nice. I really like Denmark too, that's my country for sure. To get over here, to get over the Atlantic, to learn everything new... It was actually my first time in America. I had high expectations, but it has fully lived up to my expectations.

MF: Ten years ago, we had our first player from Denmark, Brian Nielsen. Have you heard of him?
MJ: Not really.

MF: He was a winger, he was signed on loan, he did not want to be here. That is clearly not your case.
MJ: No, for sure, if I was a little bit confused before I took the decision, maybe I wouldn't have signed a deal as I did. For me, I was pretty sure. My stomach feels great when I took the opportunity to sign my contract. I feel that it was the right time to take the step for me, it has fully lived up to my expectations.

MF: You scored a few goals in the USL, but it seems that your conversion rate could have been better.
MJ: It could! And I get a lot of chances as a striker. You should be able to handle how to score, how to miss chances, and after you miss the chances. For sure, as a striker, you want to score on every chance, but also, as a striker, you're gonna miss chances. If you have a mindset that after you miss the chance you're going down, and if you miss a chance in the 10th minute of the game, and you're down in your head, it cannot be possible to fool the game. For sure, you want to score more goals, and I want to score on all my chances, but sometimes you miss, and you want to be clear in your head that you're gonna score on the next one, then you're gonna be a little more comfortable next time you get in front of the goalie.

MF: There is now a second Danish player on the team. He is a bit older...
MJ: I think for sure, it matters that you can speak your home country language with him sometimes. He knows the culture I came from, he knows how to develop himself in Denmark. Actually, we played in the same club when we were younger. He was with the first team...

MF: Does he remember you?
MJ: Nah, he doesn't remember me, but I remember him. I was a ball boy at that time, so I give him a lot of balls. For sure, we have an age difference, but it doesn't really matter at this level. We're playing in the same league, the same club. We can have fun together, my girlfriend and his wife can be together, so we have a good lifestyle out of the pitch.

MF: Can America learn something from Denmark?
MJ: I think you can teach Denmark many positives. Either way, we're a small country...

MF: Your healthcare is pretty good.
MJ: We have good healthcare, but we pay a lot of taxes, so it's getting in between. I think every country can learn everything about each other. If the whole world can be together, it can be good.

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