Media Day with Marc Rzatkowski
February 27, 2020

MetroFanatic: Marc, you've played all over midfield. Where do you prefer?
Marc Rzatkowski: Uh...

MF: Chris is not listening, he is not gonna read this.
MR: Like a number 8, in the center. More offense, power.

MF: It seems that the team had a hard time replacing Tyler Adams. He was in a well-defined position, a 6...
MR: Yeah.

MF: Last year, you were there a bit, Sean was there, Cristian... but it seems that you never fully replaced him.
MR: After every offseason, we lose some players, we get new players, and there is a chance for new players and young players to step up. For sure, Tyler Adams, he is a great player, and it's not easy to replace him. I don't want to compare myself to him...

MF: No, you're clearly different players.
MR: Totally different player. For sure, we would love to have him here, but he has a big career in front of him. We understood that he went to Europe to make the big step.

MF: The team didn't make many chances from last year. Is that fine? Is it "togetherness", like Chris said?
MR: We know each other very well. Most of the guys, I know them since I arrived here. So it's really really great atmosphere, comfortable to play with each other. Everyone is looking forward to make the next step and to prepare themselves, to get better every day. I hope we can transfer it to this season and know we're better than last season.

MF: I think you have the best shot from outside the box on this team.
MR: (laughs)

MF: Maybe they'll let you take more free kicks this season?
MR: I agree that I have a good shot, but we also have other players than can shoot real well. But I like to hear it, so I have to train more to come to this situation to shoot from outside the box. Maybe as a free kick, but also try to put myself in position where I can shoot live in the game.

MF: Has the league met your expectations?
MR: It's amazing. I love this league. I love our team, but I also love to play in other stadiums.

MF: Even Yankee Stadium?
MR: Maybe the only one, but... They have a different atmosphere.

MF: They got no atmosphere!
MR: (laughs) It's what you say! I really like to play in MLS and very honored to play here. I think in the next years, it will get better and better, and it's still real high quality right now.

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