Media Day with David Jensen
February 27, 2020

MetroFanatic: David, why America? Why now?
David Jensen: Why not? Why not? I felt ready to take this big move coming here. I feel ready, I feel great, I'm in good shape, so I was ready to take this leap.

MF: You were a starter at Utrecht, then you lost your job. If you still started, would you come here?
DJ: Yeah, probably, of course. It really didn't change my opinion. Bottom line is, I was ready to go here with my family, and I hope to be here.

MF: Did they come looking for you, did you look for Red Bulls, MLS?
DJ: They had interest in me, they came to my agent, he talked to them about me.

MF: For this team, they had Luis Robles for many many years, all the records...
DJ: Yep.

MF: Ryan Meara was waiting for his chance, and they brought you in. Is this a healthy competition?
DJ: Of course, of course. You have to have two or three healthy goalkeepers in the club, so that's pretty natural. But who is gonna play? I don't know. That's the coach's decision.

MF: We now have two Danes on the team, does it matter?
DJ: Yeah, it's always nice to have a fellow countryman in a club when you're this far from home. But no matter what, we both can speak English. It's not that, that is the problem. It's nice to have a connection, both ways.

MF: It says that you had a chance to sign with Celtic when you were young, and you decided not to.
DJ: Oh! Oh yeah, that's many years ago. I was 16, I'm 27 now.

MF: I'm 42, so time flies, it's ridiculous.
DJ: Yeah, I got an offer from them, but I said no. I wasn't ready mentally.

MF: Many people would just take the chance.
DJ: Exactly, but I'm not like that as a person. I'm not forcing anything, especially not for my career.

MF: And no regrets?
DJ: No, no, no, I don't. I've had so many good experiences and so many good memories during my career so far, and this is one of them as well.

MF: Does coming to America hurt your chances with the Danish national team?
DJ: Could be, could be. We'll see. I have to play. If I'm playing, there's always a chance.

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