Media Day with John Tolkin
February 27, 2020

MetroFanatic: John, why #47?
John Tolkin: It's my academy number. I decided to stick with it. I love how it looks!

MF: We thought they had some extra Hassan Ndam jerseys lying around...
JT: Also, I have been seeing around everywhere, just 47s, so it just feels right.

MF: Well, you have a 74 right there... (points to Tom Barlow)
JT: (laughs)

MF: Why did you forego college and sign right now?
JT: Obviously, college is the main route, but I wanted to be a little bit different. This is my dream. I was sitting in the stand, was ball boy for some of these guys. To be a part of that now is ultimately why I decided to come here.

MF: Playing in the USL, you did not look out of place. Did that help with your decision?
JT: For sure. I think the USL is a great league for young guys who are trying to get minutes with the first team or sign their first contract. The hardest part for me was the physical aspect, but I think after a few games I started to pick up on it. It's a great league, and it really prepared me.

MF: Here is where you say nice things about John Wolyniec.
JT: (laughs) I love John. He's a great coach. He's been there for me every step of the way. At practices, sometimes they don't go your way, he is the first in my ear to help me. He's been great.

MF: This year you're the only academy signing. Are there more in the pipeline?
JT: Yeah, for sure. I don't really know what's going on in the academy right now, but I played in the playoffs last year, and there's definitely talent there. I think their season is going really well. There's definitely players coming up. There's always players.

MF: This year, is it gonna be more USL or MLS?
JT: We'll see how it goes. Obviously, I'll be playing USL games, which is great for development. But I'm just taking it day by day, and we'll see where it takes me.

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