Trash Metro dumped by DC on a last-second goal, 1:0
September 2, 2020

New York DC United

09.02.20 · League

We had it good for a while. The 2010s were pretty alright. Winning teams year after year, excellent players, lots of goals... There were no cups, but there were three Shields. Good times... good times.

What we have now is a shell of of what was. A gutted, pathetic team with complete inability to score, a team that has been lapped (in both ambition and quality) by pretty much every other MLS team.

One of those teams that haven't lapped Metro yet? DC. So you would think that with the Scum coming in to Red Bull Arena, missing half its starters due to injury, Metro would have a field day. If you thought that, you didn't read the previous paragraph.

It doesn't matter who Metro plays. They simply cannot score. Be it Tom Barlow shooting shot after shot into the goalkeeper, or set pieces -- once the bread and butter of this team -- that go absolutely nowhere, or wasted possession after wasted possession...

So, when seven minutes into injury time, after a cleared corner kick, a shot from DC was deflected past Ryan Meara, we could only laugh. Chris Armas might tell you that New York dominated possession, that they had 17 shots to DC's five... It doesn't matter. Week after week, game after game, the verdict is obvious.

Good times are over. And it's not getting better any time soon.

Lineup: Meara, Pendant, Nealis, Long, Duncan, Davis, Rzatkowski, Fernandez, Romero Gamarra, Royer, Barlow. Subs: Jorgensen, Mines, Tarek, Casseres, Valot.

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