Miserable Metro can't score on 10-man Montreal, 2:0
April 22, 2023

Montreal New York

04.22.23 · League

At some point, you run out of excuses. Sure, some important players were out. Sure... No! Enough! Sure, this team is playing like absolute garbage. Sure, they can't score a goal despite playing for half an hour with a man up on a terrible Montreal team. Sure, somehow has to answer before the season spirals even further into misery.

That someone has to be Gerhard Struber, right? Say what you want about how he handled the Dante Vanzeir "incident", but at the end, you are as good as your record. And that record is simply not good enough. One win in nine games with just six goals scored? Well, at least the defense has been good, right?

Not exactly. For once again, they allowed a goal on the one dangerous chance the opponents had. (Yeah, there was a second one scored on a breakaway in injury time, but whatever.) 25 minutes in, a cross was sent through the Metro penalty area. Andres Reyes, backpedaling, redirected it past the confused Carlos Coronel. He became the first player since Nicola Caricola to score two own goals in a single season. And you know time is not good when we're citing the name of Nicola Caricola...

On offense... there was no offense. An early chance from Wiki Carmona (making his first start since 2021) getting behind the Montreal defense was taken away by the goalkeeper, and then... then... nothing. When a Montreal player was sent off for a second yellow in the 65th, Metro would get their chances... They didn't. There was an opportunity when Tom Barlow missed putting a head on a perfect Cameron Harper cross, and... that was it. Yes, seriously, that was it. Barlow whiffing on a cross in 30 minutes up a man. If that doesn't summarize this season, it's not clear what does.

So now... What exactly now? Will Struber be held accountable? Or will we have to sit through another dreadful result, week after week, hoping against hope that this team can somehow score a goal? (Not win, just score a goal!?)

Unfortunately, we know the answer to the above.

Lineup: Coronel, Tolkin, Nealis, Reyes, Duncan, Harper, Edelman, Casseres, Carmona, Fernandez, Burke. Subs: Barlow, Manoel, Yearwood, Nealis.

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